Campus Life and Offerings

University Activities

As a member of the university community, students can participate in university-sponsored student activities and organizations. Throughout the academic year, there are special events such as homecoming, parent and family weekend, and other seasonal activities and festivals. Homecoming is when alumni are invited to visit campus for special activities and sporting events. Parent and family weekend is a chance for students’ families to tour campus and see what life is like for their children there. Seasonal festivals, such as winter carnivals at universities where there is snow, have activities that take advantage of changing seasons. 

Student may also get involved in organizations that cover a range of interest areas, such as: academics; arts and crafts; civic engagement; culture; faith; music; and student government. Many of these groups are free or low-cost for students to join and participating in them is a great way to get to know other students as well as something to highlight on their CV when they graduate. Prospective students can often explore existing student organizations before arriving on campus through their university’s website.