Student and Parent Interviews

The Study with US team interviewed university students from Central Asia about their experiences in the United States—what they found surprising, how they met friends, and what they did for fun. They also shared tips for prospective students from Central Asia related to applying to university, studying for entrance exams, writing essays, and selecting which university to attend.   

Student Interviews

Arai Sheraly student


From Kazakhstan

Graduate from University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin. Master’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication   

Sabira Duishebaeva


From Kyrgyzstan

Sophomore at Berea College in Berea, Kentucky. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Business Administration


From Kyrgyzstan

Junior at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science

Alyia Yabekova


From Kazakhstan

Graduate from Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts. Master’s degree in Project Management  

Parent Interview

A parent from Kyrgyzstan, Bermet, shared about the initial questions and concerns she had when her son chose to study in the United States. She applauded his successful adjustment to university abroad and said he has become a positive role model for the next generation of their family. 

Bermet Saadakova


From Kyrgyzstan

English Language Teacher in Kyrgyzstan whose son studied at Texas Tech University, in Lubbock, Texas