Culture and Lifestyle


In addition to academic considerations, it is important for students to think about where they would like to live, including the climate, population density, cost of living, and local culture as these vary across the United States.

American Culture

When international students come to the United States, culture shock is normal and it might take some time to recognize, understand, and appreciate different cultural values, assumptions, and behaviors.  

Campus Life and Offerings

Universities provide students with supplemental academic support, health resources, and recreational, leadership, and service opportunities that enable them to connect and thrive within the university community.

Safety Information

On arrival to their university, international students are oriented by their designated school official, international student services office, and resident assistants on campus security and emergency procedures, health services, and other important safety information.

Students at a social gathering.
Washington DC metro station

Information for Parents

Parents have a critical role to play in their child’s decision to attend university and in the application, selection, and preparation process. While their child studies in the United States, parents remain an important part of their child’s support system.