Study with US Classes 2023

Information for Prospective Students

Academic English and American University Preparation Program

Study With US Program Objectives

  • Improve the English language fluency and communication skills of program participants in reading, writing, listening, and speaking, including for TOEFL and GRE testing and essay writing;
  • Improve participants’ college readiness through support for students during the U.S. university application process at the undergraduate and graduate levels;
  • Increase awareness of the U.S. university system, culture, and values through hands-on and interactive cultural activities for program participants; 
  • Increase access to information and technical knowledge about the U.S. higher education system for applicants from across  Central Asia through the Study With US website 
Improving English language skills and college readiness

Study With US will improve the English language and college readiness skills of approximately 300 high-achieving secondary school students and recent college graduates (aged 15-30). In-person instruction will take place in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, providing students with upper intermediate-level English proficiency at least 180 hours of support over the course of a one-year period. Classes will focus on academic English, college application support, and pre-academic preparation. 

Students will receive at least 180 hours of in-person instruction, including: 
  • Academic English writing, including college application essays 
  • Academic English reading and listening comprehension 
  • Educational soft skills and oral communication skills for academic settings 
  • Introduction to research and standards of plagiarism 
  • General orientation to U.S. college application process 
  • Introduction to U.S. campus culture and life 
  • Specialized standardized testing preparation 

Is Study With US a right program for you?

  • Are you a student who is high achieving and academically positioned to enroll at a college, university, or other English medium academic institution within one year of completion of the Study With US Program? 
  • Are you a student who has the resources to self-fund your higher education, preferably in the United States? 
  • Are you a student who has B2 English competency to ensure that you are ready for successful matriculation and study in English after completion of the Study With US Program? 
  • Are you a citizen of Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan?