Planning and Budgeting

Prospective students should consider a range of university costs in their planning and when they make final decisions on which university to attend. Although some universities promise to meet students’ full financial need, not all associated costs to study may be covered. For example, expenses such as flights to and from one’s home country. The following table includes estimated application costs and annual costs for attending university.  

Estimated University Application and Annual Attendance Costs 

Category Cost
Standardized entrance examinationsIELTS or TOEFL – 200 USD  
Duolingo – 50 USD 
GRE – 205 USD 
ACT – 85 USD 
SAT – 55 USD 
Transcript evaluation  
145-205 USD
Application fee50-100 USD per application
CSS Profile25 USD for one university and 16 USD for each addition 
SEVIS fee350 USD
U.S. Visa application and issuance160 USD
Tuition and fees11,000 USD (2-year institutions) 
45,000 USD (4-year private institutions)  
Health insurance3,000 USD
Room and board11,000 USD
Books and course materials1,000 USD
Transportation (including flight from and back to Central Asia) 2,000 USD
Personal expenses (clothing, phone, internet, entertainment, etc.) 2,000 USD