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Information for Parents

Parents have a critical role to play in their child’s decision to attend university and in the application, selection, and preparation process. While their child studies in the United States, parents remain an important part of their child’s support system. The following section highlights some areas for parents to consider, especially as their child navigates university application and preparation for study in the United States.

University Admissions

Most U.S. universities admit students after a holistic evaluation of their applications. There are several aspects that universities look at. These include the applicant’s academic achievement; their ability to write and explain their reasons for pursuing university study; what their previous instructors and mentors say about them; and their participation in extracurricular activities, such as community service and sports. Of these components, academic achievement is the most important. Universities look at the grades undergraduate university applicants have earned during secondary school as well as their scores on standardized exams that measure English language proficiency and skills in reading, writing, mathematics, and science. Graduate school applicants’ transcripts from their undergraduate study is also evaluated by university admissions, in addition to the above. Even after an applicant is accepted into a university, it is important that they finish secondary school or undergraduate study in good academic standing, or a university can reverse its admission offer. Parents can encourage their child during the application process to maintain their grade point average.