Male and female student talking and standing with other students.

Student and Parent Interviews

University students from Central Asia and one student’s parent shared their experiences and perspective on higher education in the United States and tips for prospective students, including reaching out to U.S. university alumni from their country for advice and feedback as they work on their university applications.

EducationUSA Student Storytellers

With the support of EducationUSA, international students filmed vlogs that chronicled their day-to-day experiences as university students in the United States. Topics they discussed include: differences in culture; travel; extracurricular activities; relationships with other students; and tips on budgeting and time management. Below is a sampling of some vloggers and their vlogs.

Student working on laptop with mentor.
Christine Von Raesfeld

Central Asian University Students in the United States

Additional testimonials from Central Asian students highlight the value of their study experiences in the United States.