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Study With Us

The U.S. Department of State Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs encourages high school graduates and professionals from Central Asia to consider the plethora of higher education and professional advancement opportunities in the United States.

Study With US Program Opening Ceremonies

The Study With US (SWU) program Opening Ceremonies took place in September 2023 in Kazakhstan (Astana and Almaty) and Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek and Osh). 300 high achieving students are enrolled in the program and ready to get at least 180 hours of in-person Academic English, pre-academic preparation, introduction to campus life in the United States, college application support, and more. The program is funded by the Department of State Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs’ Office of Press and Public Diplomacy (SCA/PPD) and administrated by FHI 360 in coordination with local educational service providers: American University of Central Asia in Bishkek and Osh, 360 Mentors in Almaty, and Smartestprep in Astana. 

Harvard Law, Cambridge, US
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This website is a resource for potential students and their families to better understand the U.S. higher education system, the process of applying, and information to help transition to the United States academic culture.    

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Higher Education in the United States

There are many benefits of studying in the United States whether in a degree or non-degree program.

Culture and Lifestyle

American geography and the diversity of cultures can be experienced as an international student and member of a U.S. university community.

Application Process

Exploring potential study areas, comparing universities characteristics, choosing where to apply, completing components of applications, and preparing for travel!

U.S. Geography

Prospective students should consider climate, population density, cost of living, and local culture when choosing where to study since these features will impact their U.S. study experience.

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Studying in the United States can be expensive. However, there are merit-based scholarships, fellowships, assistantships, grants, and scholarships that international students could be eligible to receive.

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