Culture and Lifestyle

Campus Life and Offerings

Universities provide supplemental academic and health resources for students as well as recreational, leadership, and service opportunities while they study. This multi-directional support enables students to become more connected with other members of the university community and gain more exposure to U.S. culture and opportunities for cultural exchange with other international students, too.

International Student Office

Universities typically have an International Student Office (ISO). Through this office, students can receive assistance with their daily campus activities while they pursue their educational careers. One of the ISO’s responsibilities is to plan and carry out activities that give international students an opportunity to meet their American counterparts. These activities may include an international night or festival where students play music, prepare typical food, and display items from their country. This office is also a contact point to find local families to visit on weekends, or merely to share an occasional evening meal. They may also be able to match international students with a campus buddy such as a returned U.S. exchange student, if a system is not already in place.