Study With US Opening Ceremony, 360 Mentors, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Enlik poses for a picture at the Opening Ceremony. Ms. Kozyke is a former FLEX participant, Zerde High School graduate, and currently a gap year student preparing to begin her higher education studies.

Enlik’s commentary on the picture: “Joy was filled all around me as this was the ceremony of Study With US Program. Students were proudly receiving their gifts as an acknowledgment of their accomplishments. “Let’s go take a picture,” said my friends and we went up to the photographer. Snap and done! Taking pictures together and individually took us about 30 seconds. But the memories that happened at the moment are now captured in this photo forever. Now looking back at it I always feel the warmth and joy of that day.”

Enlik Kozyke, SWU program student, Almaty Kazakhstan