Application Considerations

Select university and prepare for travel

Four to six months before the start of the academic year, students should complete the final logistics needed to start their university program.

By April 1, most U.S. universities will have communicated their admission decisions to applicants: Accepted; Waitlisted; or Declined. Students will need to communicate their response to universities that have accepted them by a date designated by each university. For students who have been waitlisted, there is an option to continue to wait and see if the university accepts them in the future or communicate to admissions that they are choosing not to wait. To improve chances of getting off the waitlist, applicants are advised to let admissions know that they are still interested and they should continue to maintain their grades and academic performance. For more information on this time period, see this Get Schooled input. Although it is not ideal, it is also possible to accept admissions at one university and remain on the wait list for another, preferred university in case a spot opens up later from the wait list. 

After student indicate they will enroll at a particular university, that university may request final documentation such as updated English language proficiency test scores and end-of-year transcripts from secondary school for undergraduate students, when those are available. Also, it may be necessary for students to pay a tuition deposit and housing deposit, if they have chosen to live on campus when they arrive. This secures their place at the university and in a dormitory and enables them to register for classes and begin their U.S. visa application process and travel planning.